Monday, September 14, 2009

June 10, 2009: Harnas

Tonight's beer Harnas is another to come out of the land of Kielbasa. I've always felt that Polish beers got a bit of a bad rap because they don't have the same pedigree as their German neighbors to the west. Some Polish beers that such as Okocim have done a lot to refute these notions, but tonight's beer Harnas only reinforces them. Simply stated, there's not much to separate Harnas from the rest of the European style lagers which for the most part are more well renowned and cheaper to get here in the states. I was drawn to Harnas at first because it is a Polish beer that sports a man wearing full native American regalia on the label, but the beer itself proved to be far less intesting. There's nothing terribly wrong with this beer. It pours a light golden straw color which is typical of most pilsners, has a thin off white head and a pretty forgettable palate of wheat, corn and fruit. Don't waste your time on Harnas; you'll only wish you's done the sensible thing and reached for a Heineken or a Stella Artois.

Na zdrowie!

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