Tuesday, September 1, 2009

June 7, 2009: Coor's Light

Tonight I've decided to attend a party with a couple of friends and roll the dice, hoping that someone will have brought a new beer that I haven't used for the 365brews project. The good news is that my gamble paid off; there's a keg in the backyard full of a brand new beer. The bad news: the beer in the keg is Coor's Light.Under normal circumstances, Coor's Light is the one beer that I would absolutely refuse under almost any conditions. Put quite simply, Coor's Light is just about the worst beer that I have ever tasted, and we all know that I've had my fair share of many different beers. Coor's Light is so bland, flavorless and downright unappetizing that I consider it to be a beer in name only. Sure, Coor's Light is probably made with hops, yeast, barley and water like all other beers, but the end result is something less than true beer in my opinion. Coor's Light's latest advertising gimmick boasts this beer as being the most refreshing beer in the world, which
I can't really argue with since Coor's Light is essentially carbonated water that has fermented somehow in my opinion. I gave this beer an honest effort and finished a full cup (in addition to the many cups I was forced to drink in a few games of beer pong that I played, which I can only assume were filled with Coor's Light), but I can promise you that this will probably be the last time that I ever willing drink a Coor's Light.


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